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Will my landscaping be affected?2020-02-25T20:38:23+00:00

Pier placement around the perimeter of the residence can affect some landscaping, (example, shrubs, flowers, trees)

Do you provide an engineer’s report/inspection?2020-02-25T20:38:03+00:00


Do you provide free estimates?2020-02-25T20:37:46+00:00


Will I have plumbing problems?2020-02-25T20:37:25+00:00

We provide a plumbing test standard on all concrete foundation repair work for verification.

Will my windows break?2020-02-25T20:37:08+00:00

It is possible for windows to break, but very uncommon.

Will my house have cracks after it is elevated?2020-02-25T20:36:47+00:00

Cracks can appear during the re-elevation process.

How long will it take to complete the job?2020-02-25T20:36:22+00:00

For most projects, one working week is the average time of completion.

How long is the warranty?2020-02-25T20:34:30+00:00
Concrete Foundations have a lifetime transferable warranty. Pier and Beams have a one year warranty.